TBI Raiders


MISSION STATEMENT: To help see that students and young adults who have sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury succeed at their dreams in both school and in their lives.

PURPOSE: To give students living with and without disabilities the chance an opportunity to not only work together but to also learn from one another and make their schools or the communities that they live in a whole lot better.  Giving them the chance to learn job skills, leadership skills, interact with leaders,  and so much more.

OPPORTUNITIES AWAITING THEM: Committees - Research, Web Design, Newsletter, and Public Relations....holding booths at events or on school campuses....creating and building presentations

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Please help TBI Raiders with creating a scholarship in Oklahoma for Traumatic Brain Injury survivors.  I would like to see the student organizations on the college campuses be the ones to help promote this and to help make it a success to help TBI survivors!

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